The Fence Committee was ratified by the Deerfield Village Community Association (“DVCA”)  (Board of Directors) on September 24, 2018 and has operated in a manner consistent with its Charter.

This Committee was purposed to discover and review all known aspects regarding legal, financial and physical issues associated with the HOA replacing & maintaining the Deerfield Village perimeter fence. 

NOTE – Community Consensus Vote for the Perimeter Fence project has been extended through March 21st, to give everyone extra time to come in and vote.  Please voice your opinion by coming out and voting, details on the ballot link below.  Results of initial vote is below…

Documents and presentation Links

Fence Locations to visit Special Board Fence Meeting Agenda 9/11/19 Special Board Fence Meeting 2002
Online Fence Q & A (last updated 10/2/2019) Fence Options Summary Easement/Right of Way Agreement
Project Overview & Status (Updated on 12/1/2020) 2020 Voting Ballot for Fence Project – Extended  Town Hall Minutes (1/22/2020)
Why Trex Fence Voting Results3.21.2020 Trex Colors 


Perimeter home owner easement agreement progress

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