The Fence Committee was ratified by the Deerfield Village Community Association (“DVCA”)  (Board of Directors) on September 24, 2018 and has operated in a manner consistent with its Charter.

This Committee was purposed to discover and review all known aspects regarding legal, financial and physical issues associated with the HOA replacing & maintaining the Deerfield Village perimeter fence. 

NOTE – Community Consensus Vote for the Perimeter Fence project scheduled the week of March 3rd – March 7th.  Please voice your opinion by coming out and voting, details on the ballot link below.

Documents and presentation Links

Fence Locations to visit Special Board Fence Meeting Agenda 9/11/19 Special Board Fence Meeting 2002
Online Fence Q & A (last updated 10/2/2019) Fence Options Summary Easement/Right of Way Agreement
Project Overview & Status (Updated on 2/7/2020) 2020 Voting Ballot for Fence Project  Town Hall Minutes (1/22/2020)
Why Trex    

Perimeter home owner easement agreement progress

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