The Deerfield HOA & MUD #136 hosted a Townhall regarding the Pipeline project on May 17th, 2021 at the Clubhouse with the WHCRWA team to understand the project timeline, scope and how this would effect our residents.  Below are links to the agenda, recorded video of the meeting and project maps, including contact information.

Update on 8/5 – Includes update on the Pipeline project and Windsong Trail road construction.

  • CenterPoint transformer being moved this week and complete by 8/9.  Power will be down for 6 hours and will only affect Wilson Elementary.
  • Tarnbrook should restored and reopen by Aug. 20th. 
  • Sidewalks to school will not be rebuilt in time for the first week of school. However, that will be a priority for the sidewalk rebuild, and will not reopened until it is safe.

Update on 7/23 – Includes update on the Pipeline project and Windsong Trail road construction.

  • Harris Co. is closing parts of Windsong Trail for resurfacing until at least Aug. 16.
  • Tarnbrook will be closed until at least Aug. 14-16. 
  • An additional 1,500′ of pipe still needs to be delivered, and will be delivered only from Barker Cypress. 21% installed as of 7-20 with 400′ more onsite. No pipe can be delivered off Tarnbrook. Please report if pipe is being trucked up Tarnbrook.
  • HC will not allow access to WHCRWA for the open cut on Windsong Trl. until Aug 16.
  • Participants were advised that Wilson Elem/CFISD/Emergency services, etc. need to be totally engaged on this ASAP.
  • Centerpoint Energy has a large transmission line east of Windsong Trl. that should be moved and reconnected starting Aug. 7-8, and the process will take approx. 1 week. Customer outage not expected to be lengthy. 
  • Closure of Windsong Trl. means more non-pipe material may enter and exit off Tarnbrook but BC will be main access point.
  • WHCRWA has committed to clean Tarnbrook regularly of construction material.
  • Tunneling under Barker Cypress (BC) will commence from the west side to the east side. Excavated dirt and fill being brought in on BC.
  • WHCRWA has promised to coordinate closures and detours to Wilson Elementary, CFISD, and Emergency services.

Update on 6/30 – The contractor plans to cut through Tarnbrook on Tuesday 7/6. Contractor will have signage and flagmen. The work will take 2 weeks to complete, and then they will temporarily fill with asphalt. Before ending the construction, they will come back and restore the street with high early strength concrete. 

Update on 6/1 – Construction will begin June 7 of the installation of the a new water line at the north end. Already all the light poles have been removed from the east-west section of the greenbelt at the north end, and numerous trees have either been trimmed back or removed. Sections of the sidewalk will be removed next. In the coming weeks and months, the areas at the north end of Tarnbrook and Windsong near the school are going to be congested with large construction vehicles. Please drive carefully, obey the construction traffic signs, and be patient.

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Project schedule is 5/15/2021 – 8/30/2021  Monday – Friday from 8AM-6PM. Some Saturdays.
  • Description of Project – Place an 84″ water pipe underground in the pipeline easement on the North side of Deerfield, in order to complete an overall project to bring surface water throughout Harris County and stop subsidence caused by pumping water by wells.
  • Construction area will be fenced in, and they plan to work 50′ sections at a time, working from West to East.
  • Windsong Trail and Tarnbrook Drive will be dugout to accommodate the installation of the pipe.  Tarnbrook is planned to be closed for 2 weeks during this time.  WIndsong Trail will be reduced to 1 lane.  Crews will tunnel under Barker Cypress.
  • All damage to sidewalk and landscape will be restored to the previous condition, before construction is complete.
  • It will be necessary to remove light poles in that area during digging. Nine light poles have already been removed.


Link to Agenda       Link to Video Meeting      Link of Overall Map of Pipeline      Link of East Map     Link of West Map