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    The Deeds Primer is an introduction to the Deeds Committee, what the Committee is about, A Quick Reference Guide lists basic Deeds Restrictions, but it is not the official document for Deed Restrictions.   Common Deeds Issues contains an overview of issues the Deeds Committee uses to monitor our Village as we do our inspections.

    There are 3 Sections within the Patio Homes, and 7 Sections in the single-family home sections.   If you do not know your Section number, you can check the Map of All Sections or check the Street Cross Reference for your Section number.

    Protective Covenants for each Section can be found in Protective Covenants Patio Homes or Protective Covenants Non-Patio Homes.   Once you know your Section, you can click on the Protective Covenants for your Section.

    We now have new Applications for Architectural Approval, depending on the type of exterior modification you are planning.  Click on the type of improvement you are planning.  Depending on your modification, you may need to complete one of the Agreements.  Remember:  You must receive written approval prior to beginning work or you risk having to return your property to its original condition before work began.

    Over the years, new “Policies” have been written and filed with the Harris County that enhance and/or further detail the original Protective Covenants.  Please click on the arrow to see the drop-down menu.

    Many homes in Deerfield are now having issues with growing grass because of large, overgrown trees that provide lovely shade, but also prevent the necessary light to reach our lawns.  To see some landscape ideas for these areas, click on “Creative Lawn Alternatives”.