The Deerfield Village Community Association

The DVCA is a not for profit volunteer-based organization composed of a nine member Board of Trustees elected by Deerfield residents. Our Board is responsible for overseeing the various committees and for the maintenance of all the recreational facilities, such as the club house, annex, swimming pool, tennis courts, greenbelt, and playgrounds. See below for a listing of the Board and its committees, including their mission, with day/times and location of meetings.

Board of Directors  – 4th Monday at 7 PM, in the Clubhouse

2021 Board Members:  Eric Toureilles, Brent Burris, Jason Nace, Terry Gray, John Murphy, John Devine, Gerry Hilliard, Jim Hunt and Hak Dickenson.


The committees are described below and do the work of the association. Each committee meets one evening per month, and generally involves about three hours commitment per month. You can join a committee by coming to a meeting and asking to be a member. You must attend 3 meetings consecutively to become a voting member.

Financial Services – 3rd Tuesday at 7 PM, in the Clubhouse

 Prepares annual budget, establish financial procedures, monitor income and expenditures, conduct periodic audits and submit insurance bids and contracts for Board approval.

Recreation Center – 1st Friday at 9:30 AM, in the Clubhouse        

Youth Events Subcommittee – 1st Tuesday 7PM – Annex

 Provide social and recreational events which consider the needs and interests of the community, such as adult parties and children’s functions.

Security – 1st Tuesday at 7 PM, in the Clubhouse

 Encourage and promote crime prevention, safety and fire protection. Neighborhood Crime Watch Program and submit contracts and bids for required security services for Board approval.

Deed Restriction – 2nd Monday at 7 PM, in the Clubhouse

Monitor compliance with deed restrictions, architectural requirements and Protective Covenants. Submit to the Board any violation, which may require legal action.  Membership is limited to 9 Members.

Community Services – 1st Monday at 7 PM, in the Clubhouse

Monitor services provided by contractors for garbage collection, mosquito control, street lighting, cable TV, web page, street cleaning and repair. Provide members with informational services (e.g. newsletters, directory, etc.) With Board approval, furnish, repair, and maintain the Recreational Center and Annex and related
building structures.

Tennis – 1st Wednesday at 8 PM, in the Clubhouse

Recommend rules governing court use, submit contracts and bids for court maintenance to the Board for approval and coordinate related activities (e.g. leagues, tournaments, lessons, etc.)

Swimming Pool – 2nd Tuesday at 7 PM, in the Annex (upstairs room)

Submit a pool service contract and bids for Board approval, monitor such services, recommend pool hours, pool rules and dates of opening and closing to the Board for approval; enforce established pool rules, coordinate related activities (e.g. swim team, special events, lessons, etc.)

Landscape – 2nd Monday at 7 PM, in the Clubhouse

Submit for Board approval contracts and bids for the maintenance and enhancement of grounds, greenbelts, playground area and equipment, athletic field, and related structures. Monitor services provided by contractors and others.

These committees are full of wonderful people who are your friends and neighbors. Please consider joining a committee and be part of your community. It is because of these residents that Deerfield is able to maintain its friendly, attractive atmosphere and keep its annual assessments so low.