Tropical System Possibly Entering the Gulf – updated on 09/11

ADVISORY: State, County and Local authorities are monitoring the tropical system located off the Yucatan peninsula. Because disaster planning is not an exact science, please be monitoring weather forecasts, predictions, local announcements, and models. Should this system intensify and threaten central or SE Texas we’ll ramp up the public information on  our website, Nextdoor, and email blasts.  Our MUD #136 will be discussing advance planning for this system at their Thursday HCMUD 136 meeting, as well as coordinating as necessary with Jackrabbit Road PUD (wastewater) and the WHCRWA (water supplier), and local law enforcement.

Good links:

National Hurricane Center:


Jackrabbit Road PUD:

Spaghetti Models:

HCMUD 136:


Sidewalk repair/construction – updated on 01/23

ADVISORY: Sidewalk construction will begin Tuesday, January 23, around the Rec Center, along Deerfield Village Dr, and along Downgate. Work will take 3 to 4 days to complete. Monday night yellow caution tape will be put around the playground area and around a portion of the parking lot. Orange netting will be put around torn up areas. Traffic cones will be placed along the greenbelt sidewalks to warn of construct


WCA Garbage Collection Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018 – updated on 01/16

Both DVCA and HCMUD 136 received this communication from WCA regarding waste collection Tuesday January 16. Please read the following. Any updates we receive will be posted on Nextdoor, the HCMUD 136 website, and the DVCA website, as well as email blasts.  or  Normal pick-up for Friday, January 19th. 


To all WCA Houston Area Customers,

The Houston area is now under a Winter Storm Warning in effect from early Tuesday morning to midnight Wednesday. The National Weather Service warns freezing rain, sleet and snow are possible north of Houston early Tuesday morning. The wintry mix will get closer to the city around lunchtime, and conditions will worsen through the afternoon Tuesday. This could possibly affect the service provided by WCA on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some areas may experience delays or may not be serviced. If your service is missed due to the weather, service will resume on the next scheduled service day. We will monitor the weather and update you as the effects of the storm are clearer. We will follow with updates as soon as possible, when we are updated from our operations team. Updates will be sent out by email, Facebook, and our company website.


WCA Region II

Sewage Line Break – updated on 10/20

Repair of the broken line is complete, and Deerfield residents can return to normal use.  Thank you for your help in reducing your waste water during this repair.

Sewage Line Break – updated on 10/17

NOTICE- HCMUD 136 SEWER LINE OUTAGE – Clay Rd. @ Pine Forest La.

HCMUD 136’s gravity sewer line (18” diameter) just south of the corner of Pine Forest La. @ Clay Rd. failed over the weekend due to age and stress. This line conveys sewage from Deerfield Village, Deerfield Park, a handful of commercial properties, and Wilson Elementary. This infrastructure failure affects only HCMUD 136, and is commonly seen in similar applications and ages of infrastructure (approximately 43-45 years old). The issue was probably exacerbated by the hurricane-related outage and subsequent line backup at the Jackrabbit Rd. PUD WWTP, but our consultants believe the line deterioration pre-dates Hurricane Harvey. We are beginning the process of a trenchless repair (pipe bursting) of an approximate 200’ section of sewer line, and during this repair we’ll have HCMUD 136’s Lift Station #1 (LS1) offline. We have temporarily contracted with wet haul tankers to siphon out LS1 multiple times daily during the repair and take the effluent directly to the JRPUD WWTP, thereby bypassing the repair zone which is marked by barrels and cones at the intersection.

THIS REPAIR AND OUTAGE SHOULD RESULT IN NO ADVERSE AFFECTS TO RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES IN HCMUD 136. WE ARE ASKING HOWEVER THAT DURING THIS 2-4 DAY REPAIR YOU REDUCE WASTEWATER. Big wastewater generators are long showers, dishwashing by hand, and washing clothes. Specifically, if you can refrain from doing laundry during the next 2-3 days that would certainly help. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Please go to for additional information or stay here for updates.


Sewage Plant Issue – updated on 9/29

** Jackrabbit PUD WWTP Special Meeting- Sept. 28 (Yesterday), update from Neil Polansky, our MUD President **

Directors of most participant MUD districts were present, as well as JRPUD directors, engineers, and operators. Approximately 30 people were in attendance. My takeaways from this meeting are pretty simple- JRPUD is relying on participant MUD districts to convey information to it’s residents and businesses. JRPUD has a limited email capacity (via its attorney and operator primarily), no website (or plans to develop one), and no discernible presence on social media. Communication was admitted to be a significant problem post-Harvey, and this is being termed a “learning experience”. I would agree.

Hurricane Harvey and the attendant flooding is considered a 500, 800 or 1,000 year flood, depending who you ask. JRPUD has filed insurance claims for losses, rentals, etc. to both FEMA and its insurance agency, however any costs related to “hardening” or modifying the plant to make it less vulnerable to flooding MAY have to be subsidized by the various participant MUDs. The WWTP and its lift station are currently operating at 100% of normal daily flow, on portable generator power. A significant step forward will happen when the plant switches to power from CenterPoint in the next week or 2.  At such time they switch to CP power more of the equipment can be tested and placed back into service. Parts have been ordered there is heavy demand for electrical system parts due to the various communities impacted by storms throughout the US. Lift stations such as those in HCMUD 136 (Deerfield Village) are not property of JRPUD WWTP and operate independently, sending flow to the plant. Therefore should any potential backup situation develop people should contact their own MUD district operator or directors. Efforts by the various neighborhoods and MUDs have helped greatly to avoid a sewage backup situation.

Customers of JRPUD are still asked to exercise good judgement in creating wastewater until such time that the plant is totally back up to pre-Harvey levels. In HCMUD 136 we’re asking for moderation but advising folks to carry on normally unless asked to do otherwise. I’ve created this thread so other directors and districts can answer questions, and to correct or expand upon my takeaways.


Direct quote from JRPUD:

1. The plant is operating at 100% of average day demand (i.e. normal daily flows to the plant which is about 2MG). Power is being provided by generators, not CenterPoint Energy.

2. The plant will be stressed if there is a large rain event and flows exceed average day demand which could require additional pump and blower capacity. With the generators, the plant may not be able to handle the peak demand, which can be between 5MGD and 15 MGD.

3. The controls are still being evaluated and parts replaced as identified if and when replacement components are available.

4. There is no definitive date for when the control room will be fully operational and normal electrical service provided. Major electrical components may take significant lead time to manufacture and deliver. Manufacturers are working to provide replacement components to many water and wastewater treatment plants and industry in SE Texas (including the COH) and Florida. We are one plant in a line of many.


Please use this site or the MUD 136 site as the official source for information on this situation.  MUD #136 Website News

What going on?

  1. The Jackrabbit Rd. Sewage Treatment Plant is under water, and not operational.  This plant processes the sewage for Deerfield, and several other MUD districts around us.
  2. The lift stations that pump the sewage out of Deerfield are operational, and sending waste to the broken Jack Rabbit station, which is going into the flood waters at this point.
  3. No services have been affected in Deerfield, but we have been asked to reduce the amount of waste water going into the flood water, by reducing the amount you do laundry, shower, flush toilets, etc..
  4. There is no need to cover your drains with sand bags or unplug your clean out, there is no backup yet.
  5. Your drinking water is not affected in any way, different delivery system. No boil water warning.
  6. (As of Sept. 6th) – A Generator is going to be out at Jackrabbit PUD WWTP today and the lift pumps will be put online.
  7. (As of Sept. 15th) – Repair has started on the plant, but they are still limited in the waste they can process.  The current estimate to return to 100% may take as long as 60 days.  We are still asking residents to reduce the amount of waste water they generate.  The MUD #136 Board is considering a Town Hall to discuss the issue, but would like to have the Jackrabbit PUD present, as they have the information to share.  Look for an email blast on this when the date has been set.

What Should I do as a Resident?

  1. Look daily on this website or the MUD for updated information.
  2. Reduce the amount of waste you are generating.  There has been some very creative ways, but a reduction of shower and washing is a huge way you can help now.  Don’t run water when brushing teeth, etc…
  3. If we are asked to stop pumping waste, residents will know far in advance, meaning days.  Not yet!
  4. If pumping stops, you can open up a clean-out drain (A), or cover your lower drains with 1 lb sand bags (B).
  5. Grab a sandbag from the Recreation Center, if you don’t know where your clean-out drain is located, this is option B.
  6. We would be under a stricter usage guideline.  Again, not yet!

What is the MUD # 136 and HOA doing?

  1. The MUD is keeping Deerfield HOA in the loop with anything they here on the situation, so we can communicate to everyone.
  2. The MUD is looking at all options with their engineers and those of Jackrabbit Road PUD, in the event they are asked to stop pumping.
  3. The MUD will be placing signs in the subdivision, in the event the communication has been missed.
  4. The HOA has conducted two town halls on the situation, sent out email blasts for users signed up to receive emergency updates via email blast.
  5. The HOA has asked Troop 120 to deliver door to door information, if we are given notice to discontinue pumping, and we are forced to take emergency actions.  Again, we are not there yet.

Trash & Recycling update

Both trash and recycling pickups have returned to normal.